Reaction Shield
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Newly developed training device for the effective training of headballs and volley shots on crosses and side inputs.
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The defence against headballs, shots and direct scoring in the goal-hazardous area is very difficult for every goalkeeper to master.

With the Reaction Shield these precarious game situations can be trained close to the game, effectively and with a high repetition rate.

The by newly developed Reaction Shield allows the goalkeeper trainer the effective training of Headballs and Volleyshots in goal and space defense.

The Application areas in goalkeeper training are among others:

  • Simulation of headballs and volley shots on flanks and lateral inputs,
  • precise training of half-high and high balls from close range,
  • training of second balls for goalkeeper and field player,
  • reaction training in combination with coordinative elements and dexterity.

Advantages and properties of the Reaction Shield:

  • Clear plastic plate for a constant view of the ball, so that it is always optimally hit.
  • Very simple extension of the Reaction Pad by a circular deflection module in the center of the pad. This makes the balls unpredictable for the goalkeeper. This allows extremely close headballs and direct pick-ups to be simulated during training and effectively trained with a high number of repetitions.
  • Excellent grip arrangement without overloading the wrists and middle fingers and their joints.
  • Circular special plastic plate makes it possible to hit massive and precise balls
  • With a weight of approx. 2.5 kg, it is very light for flexible and simple handling.
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