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Goalkeeper chain - to get the majority with the goalkeeper


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eBook (PDF-file): Goalkeeper chain - with the goalkeeper outnumber
Dominance begins with the goalkeeper

by Sebastian Mundruc & Jonas Stephan

The football is subject to constant change. In recent years, the sport has repeatedly received new impulses, which have resulted in a planned offensive game as well as completely structured defensive concepts. These serious changes have long had an effect on the modern interpretation of goalkeeper play.

Our goal is to open up a new dimension of goalkeeper play for you. We use the goalkeeper as the central construction player in an offensive game. To this end, we first explain the function of the goalkeeper in modern football, in order to finally bring you closer to the possibilities of the goalkeeper chain. After we have listed these possibilities, their characteristics, chances and risks, we develop a new requirement profile for the goalkeeper, which is reflected in new training contents. Last but not least, we suggest some forms of practical training.

The E Book is aimed at all goalkeeper trainers of all ages and performance levels who want to set new impulses in daily training. In addition, the book is also helpful for every coach and trainer who wants to integrate the goalkeeper even more specifically in the team training and furthermore wants to dominate the game. The reader gets insights into the game philosophy of playing with the goalkeeper chain. Theory plus a multitude of practical graphics illustrate the idea, chances and solutions in playing with and against the ball. The goalkeeper plays a central role. Through exercise and game forms, countless variations can be created in the daily work from the district class to the Bundesliga.

The author Sebastian Mundruc already gave a lecture on the exciting topic of the goalkeeper chain at the Association of German Football Teachers in 2016. The eBook originated from the large resonance.

43 sides, 31 illustrations & eleven play forms

table of contents

I. The goalkeeper game in transition

II. Basics

III: Actions of the goalkeeper

IV. The goalkeeper chain

A. Overcount situations arise

B. Avoidance of ball losses

C. Behaviour with ball losses

D. Requirement profile

V. Practice


Sebastian Mundruc: Goalkeeping trainer coordinator in the junior performance center Eintracht Braunschweig, Year of 1990, DFB youth elite license, goalkeeping trainer license, goalkeeper

Jonas Stephan: Trainer in the junior performance center Eintracht Braunschweig, born 1992, DFB A-License

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