Reusch Attrakt Gold X "GluePrint Pack" Ortho-Tec

Article-No.: R5270970-7707
Attrakt Gold X "GluePrint Pack" Ortho-Tec
Attrakt Gold X "GluePrint Pack" Ortho-Tec
Attrakt Gold X "GluePrint Pack" Ortho-Tec
Attrakt Gold X "GluePrint Pack" Ortho-Tec
Attrakt Gold X "GluePrint Pack" Ortho-Tec
Attrakt Gold X "GluePrint Pack" Ortho-Tec
Attrakt Gold X "GluePrint Pack" Ortho-Tec
Attrakt Gold X "GluePrint Pack" Ortho-Tec
Attrakt Gold X "GluePrint Pack" Ortho-Tec
Attrakt Gold X "GluePrint Pack" Ortho-Tec
Attrakt Gold X "GluePrint Pack" Ortho-Tec
Attrakt Gold X "GluePrint Pack" Ortho-Tec
Discover the new GlueGrip technology combined with the Ortho-Tec finger protection system!
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Goalkeeper Glove Level
B - Professional

Finger Protection

Product Group

Product Line
Reusch Attrakt 22

Main Colour

Glove Cut
Hybrid Roll Finger/Regular Cut

Reusch Gold X

Grip Dry

Grip Wet

Abrasion Resistance


Foam Backing in mm
4 mm

Foam Thickness
3,5 mm

Best Surface
Lawn, Artifical Turf Of Newer Generation

Discover the new GlueGrip technology!

The Reusch Grip Gold X is equipped with an innovative sticky dot print on the inside of the palm. This improves the stickiness and grip exactly where it is needed most. A purposefully applied pattern reinforces the exact areas on the palm that come into contact with the ball most often during catching.


  • Reusch Grip Gold X: This exceptional match latex reaches a new level of grip and stickiness! Based on the exclusive Reusch Grip Gold formula, adhesive particles have been added to the latex compound. The result is a super soft palm coating with unmatched grip properties in all weather conditions.


  • Evolution Negative Cut: This highly functional cut is a tighter fitting version of the successful Evolution Cut. The rubber rolls around the fingertips from the sidewalls to the back of the fingers to generate the greatest possible contact area between latex and ball. The completely seamless fingertip area guarantees a close fit and best ball control. An inseam construction with latex sidewalls in the lower part of the fingers provides an anatomical preforming of the glove, which thus fits very tight, soft and flexible to the hands.
  • Ergonomic Support System ESS™: The adaptation of the cut to the anatomical shape of the hand and the pre-spreading of the fingers support the natural catching posture of the hands. The coating extends over the side of the palm almost to the back of the hand, optimizing the ergonomic fit.


  • Latex: Large parts of the backhand are covered with latex for optimum ball control. The very robust material gives the goalkeeper grip and cushioning when fisting as well as additional safety.


  • Semi-elastic strap: Wide strap made of latex with neoprene for optimal fixation on the wrist.
  • Elastic Bandage: The elastic bandage provides additional support and protection of the wrist and optimizes fit and wearing comfort
  • Pull Loop: Pull-on aid in the pulse area so that the goalkeeper does not grip the burr when slipping in with the palm.

More Features

  • The new Ortho-Tec™ Advanced Protection System meets the requirements of the new generation of goalkeepers: lightweight, thin, flexible and quickly removable, it also provides very reliable protection against hyperextension of the fingers. The construction, exclusively developed by Reusch and consisting of five individually removable protection rods, is lighter, thinner and more flexible than ever before. Their ergonomic shape perfectly adapts to the natural movements of the fingers and blocks movements before the fingers are pushed into the injury zone. The new entry system is based on a very stretchy neoprene opening on the backhand of the glove and eliminates rigid zippers.
  • Ortho-Tec removable.
  • GlueGrip Technology: innovative Grip imprint in a dot pattern provides targeted increased stickiness and grip in key areas.
  • 3D Thumb Crotch™: rolled construction between thumb and index finger eliminates any distracting seams in this high-wear area of the glove and also improves ergonomic fit and comfort.
  • Ventilation openings provide ventilation and a comfortable feel.
  • Rolled Thumb™: The pad expands over the inside of the thumb almost to the back of the hand. The catch area is thus significantly increased and the thumb gets a functional 3D fit.
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