Adidas X GL Pro IC URG 2.0S "Whitespark Pack"

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X GL Pro IC URG 2.0S "Whitespark Pack"
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X GL Pro IC URG 2.0S "Whitespark Pack"
X GL Pro IC URG 2.0S "Whitespark Pack"
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X GL Pro IC URG 2.0S "Whitespark Pack"
X GL Pro IC URG 2.0S "Whitespark Pack"
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X GL Pro IC URG 2.0S "Whitespark Pack"
X GL Pro IC URG 2.0S "Whitespark Pack"
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X GL Pro IC URG 2.0S "Whitespark Pack"
X GL Pro IC URG 2.0S "Whitespark Pack"
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X GL Pro IC URG 2.0S "Whitespark Pack"
X GL Pro IC URG 2.0S "Whitespark Pack"
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X GL Pro IC URG 2.0S "Whitespark Pack"
Top goalkeeper glove, optimised and ultra-light with new URG2.0S adhesive foam
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Goalkeeper Glove Level
B - Professional

Finger Protection

Product Group

Product Line
Adidas X Pro 21

Main Colour

Glove Cut
Negative Cut

URG 2.0S

Grip Dry

Grip Wet

Abrasion Resistance


Foam Backing in mm
4 mm

Foam Thickness
3,5 mm

Best Surface
Lawn, Artifical Turf Of Newer Generation

Whitespark Pack 21


With the new adidas X GL Pro IC "Numbers Up Pack", adidas has turned traditional glove construction on its head. With this new development, a second glove line has been created alongside the Predator to reflect the demands of the modern game.

The glove has been reduced to the essentials without compromising on the basic functions required. The result is maximum confidence without distraction.

Rapid Response
The glove design mirrors the natural position of the hand and shortens reaction time by facilitating the goalkeeper's ready position.

Ultra Lightweight
The minimalist construction and ultra-light material mean that the glove is 30 grams lighter than the Predator Pro. This facilitates a quick reaction in any situation.


  • URG 2.0S - 3D Speed Palm: The URG 2.0S is a brand new grip foam that expands adidas' Unrivaled Grip (URG) series. It offers fantastic grip and cushioning properties. The ultra-light, two-layer latex creates a three-dimensional palm. The speed lines on the adhesive foam in contrasting color further increase ball feel and cushioning. This rubber is recommended for match and training use on all surfaces and in all conditions. It guarantees improved performance for every goalkeeper.


  • Negative Cut: Delivers an extremely tight and firm fit over the entire fingers. Combined with the thinner URG 2.0S latex palm and rounded cuffs, the glove provides excellent ball feel and superior control.
  • Reverse Stitch Knitted Rounded Gusset: The rounded layers of knitted material combine the adhesive foam and backhand into a perfect unit.
  • The pre-shaped palm reflects the natural posture of the hand. This allows the goalkeeper to quickly assume the starting position, which reduces reaction time when catching the ball.
  • All elements of the glove work in perfect synergy to create an extremely secure and tight fit that feels like a second skin.


  • Speed Mesh Backhand: Ultra-lightweight backhand material stretches in four directions for a snug and flexible glove. Small ventilation holes are incorporated for breathability and maximum comfort.
  • The elements on the backhand provide structure and grip. They give the goalkeeper more grip and power when fisting. Thanks to the transparent design, a minimalist and lightweight look is created.


  • Knitted Bandage without Strap: The knitted, three-layer bandage on the entry provides a secure and extremely comfortable fit on the wrist. The knitted fabric provides intuitive fixation, prevents slippage and allows goalkeepers to play without distractions.

More Features

  • Speed markers at various points on the glove create a sleek and dynamic look from every angle.
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