Adidas Predator Pro Promo Commercial URG 1.0 IC ENCRYPTION Pack

Article-No.: XAFJ5921
Predator Pro Promo Commercial URG 1.0 IC ENCRYPTION Pack
Predator Pro Promo Commercial URG 1.0 IC ENCRYPTION Pack
Predator Pro Promo Commercial URG 1.0 IC ENCRYPTION Pack
Predator Pro Promo Commercial URG 1.0 IC ENCRYPTION Pack
Predator Pro Promo Commercial URG 1.0 IC ENCRYPTION Pack
Predator Pro Promo Commercial URG 1.0 IC ENCRYPTION Pack
Predator Pro Promo Commercial URG 1.0 IC ENCRYPTION Pack
Predator Pro Promo Commercial URG 1.0 IC ENCRYPTION Pack
Exclusive Predator Pro model with professional foam URG 1.0 and removable strap.
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Finger Protection

Product Line
Adidas Predator 19

Product Group

Main Colour

Glove Cut
Negative Cut

URG 1.0

Grip Dry

Grip Wet

Abrasion Resistance


Foam Backing in mm
4 mm

Foam Thickness
4 mm

Best Surface
Lawn, Artifical Turf Of Newer Generation

elastic & 1,5 times wrapping & textile stretch & removable

Bandage knitted & elastic

Bandage integration
Fully integrated bandage

Bandage knitted with removable strap

Catching surface

  • URG 1.0: UnRivaled Grip 1.0 is the name of the newly developed top adhesive foam from adidas. The adhesive foam is only used by adidas professionals. The 4.0 mm thick foam provides an unprecedented Grip Performance. It has been specially designed to meet the needs of adidas profitorh;ter such as Manuel Neuer, Kevin Trapp or Marc-André ter Stegen and is now used in the new and exclusive adidas Promo models. It impresses with its extreme softness, which produces the best impact damping for the goalkeeper. This also gives all amateur goalkeepers the opportunity to play with the top adhesive foam of the pros. The rubber impresses with a Topgrip in all conditions - both in wet and dry conditions.

    PLEASE NOTE: The URG 1.0 is a very soft adhesive foam. The abrasion is higher than with the URG 2.0. The goalkeeper gloves are not suitable for training. On dry and hard surfaces the abrasion of the adhesive foam is much higher. Only suitable for playing on very high quality grass.

  • Abrasion Zone: To increase the longevity of the glove, an abrasion-resistant latex coating is used. Tests have shown that in the abrasion zone the wear is the greatest. It therefore makes sense to use a more robust material again at this point. However, the grip is not impaired when catching.


  • Negative Cut: This tight cut guarantees a perfect fit. The inner seam cut with tight textile layers in combination with the revolutionary knitted backhand material ensures seamless wearing comfort. Approx. 80% of all adidas professional Goalkeeper play with this cut.
  • Seamless wearing comfort: A seamless contact surface with the ball is guaranteed by an integrated inner profile and leads the goalkeeper to high performance.


    • The introduction of the Predator Goalkeeper glove at the beginning of 2018 brought with it the knitted backhand an unprecedented revolution on the goalkeeper glove market.
      The complete backhand was knitted in production from one piece. This guarantees the goalkeeper much more freedom and flexibility both when entering and when actively carrying. The completely crease-free backhand adapts optimally to the specific movements of the goalkeeper and sits like a second skin.


  • Punching Zone: The punching zone is the newly designed, highly flexible fist defense area on the backhand. The arrangement and division of the silicone elements has been improved in comparison to the previous model again. The goal is to give the goalkeeper the opportunity to further and more controlled fist without losing stability or flexibility. The silicone material ensures a safe fist with optimal ball control with greater power transmission. The fingers lose no mobility and remain very flexible. The fist zone harmonizes optimally with the knitted Rückhand.


  • Detachable Stretch-Strap: The Removable Stretch-Strap is a sensational new development for the fall/winter collection 2019. The new closure system offers torture boys the possibility to individually adjust their fit. Play without strap for a natural fit with unrestricted freedom of movement or with strap for better stabilization.
  • Close-fitting Bandage: The revolutionary bandage nestles around every wrist like a glove, without any stubborn nuances. In combination with the knitted material of the backhand, the very flexible and adaptable glove can be worn by any goalkeeper. The glove adapts to both very narrow and thicker wrists without deforming.
  • Dressing aid: For easy entry, no tearing or pulling is necessary, which significantly simplifies the daily use of the top glove.

Other Features

  • Thumb Wrap: The rolled layer on the thumb provides increased stability and a firm fit for the thumb. This supports the goalkeeper in all his catching and defensive movements.
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